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Our Krewe pays homage to the honored Tampa tradition of being a member of a Pirate Krewe.

Being a member of our Krewe is an honored tradition we take seriously, so if  Ye thinks you have what it takes to sign on with the likes of this here scurvy Krewe then find ye a sponsory and apply.
BE WARNED only FUN LOVIN' Pirates are allowed on board!

  • Guest Fees will vary per parade.

  • All guests must have a CURRENT member as a sponsor.

  • All members are responsible for their Guests.

  • All guest are expected to abide by Krewe rules and guidelines.

  • If you are interested in guesting, please complete the Membership Request and a team member will get back to you.


  • ​Veterans Parade-November

  • Santa Fest Parade-December $50.00/guest

  • Children's Gasparilla Parade-January $60.00/adult

  • Sant'Yago Knight Parade-February $160.00/adult

  • Rough Riders St. Patrick Parade- March $85.00

  • Pride Parade- TBD $50.00