Membership Information

Established in 2000

Think Ye has what it takes to sign on with the likes of this here scurvy Henry Morgan Krewe?
BE WARNED only FUN LOVIN' Pirates are allowed on board

Sponsorship Details:

If ye are thinking about joining YKSHM then you must have a member in good standing with at least one year on board (active) to sponsor you.

Once they agree, you will need decide what type of membership you are interested in.

We offer 2 types of membership.

  • Annual Krewe Membership

  • Probationary Krewe Membership

Membership Details:

If you are interested in learning more about being a member, Please complete an application and sent it to

  1. Annual Krewe Member- Members are eligible to attend all events, meetings and parades.

  2. Probationary Membership- Eligible to attend 2 Parades one Major and one Minor parade per paid probationary season for a maximum of 2 years., meetings and events.  Details are outlined in our application.

  3. If a new member, you must have a member in good standing sponsor you..

All Dues and Fees are non-refundable and not transferable for any reason.

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