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Our Krewe pays homage to the honored Tampa tradition of being a member of a Pirate Krewe.

Being a member of our Krewe is an honored tradition we take seriously, so if  Ye thinks you have what it takes to sign on with the likes of this here scurvy Krewe then find ye a sponsory and apply.
BE WARNED only FUN LOVIN' Pirates are allowed on board!

  • Probationary Krewe Membership-$225. The fee includes all alcohol and food at the 2 parades of your choice unless you choose a "dry" parade..

  • Probationary Membership is for NEW members to try the Krewe. Probationary membership is for a maximum of 2 year term. Once you have reached your 2 years you must convert to a member, or no longer participate in the Krewe.

  • Probationary membership is a maximum of 2 parades per parades season. 1 Major & 1 Minor parade. (details in application)

  • Late Fees are assessed after November 1st for all unpaid dues of returning members.

  • All prospective members MUST have a CURRENT member sponsor to be considered.

Membership Details: 

  1. Our Krewe Season begins November 1 for the 2022 Season.

  2. All Dues for Current Members is due November 1st.  

  3. All New prospective members MUST have a CURRENT Member sponsor.​

  4. All Members are REQUIRED to attend one float clean up per year.

  5. After November 1st, all new member applicants will be notified of approval.

  6. Payment is due upon notice. 

  7. Late fees will be assessed to new member invoices that are unpaid. Deadline for new member payment is December 15.

  8. If you are interested in applying for membership, complete the member request and someone will follow up with details.