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Admiral of the Brethren Coast

Established in 2000

Paying homage to the legendary Pirate, Captain Sir Henry Morgan, Admiral of the Brethren Coast, our mutineers have banded together to take up the life of true pirates, while always giving back to our Tampa Bay community.

Our Motto: Live Well. Be Merry, Give Back & Enjoy the Life of a Pirate!


Parades we pillage and plunder:

​Veterans Parade (November 11th)

Santa Fest Parade (December 2nd)

Children's Gasparilla Parade (January 20th)

Gasparilla Pirate Parade (January 27th)

Sant'Yago Knight Parade (February 10th)

Rough Riders St. Patrick Parade (March 16th)


Costumes: We are a motley and savvy Pirate Krewe. All members MUST fully dress in Epic Pirate Garb and Gear.

Check out our pics and our local renegade friend,

Tiger Lee  at Pirate Fashions for inspiration!

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