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Can anyone join a Krewe?

In principle, joining a Krewe is open to all, but choosing the perfect one matters! It's crucial to align with your interests and hopes. Each Krewe boasts its distinct culture, behavioral norms, and charitable initiatives. Furthermore, certain Krewes impose membership limitations, like being exclusively for men or women or membership requirements, like mandatory volunteer hours. It's essential to select a Krewe in a reachable location, as numerous events will likely occur there.


How many members does YKSHM have?  What are they like? 

The Krewe of Sir Henry Morgan (YKSHM) is mid-sized, comprising 150 to 200 members on average. This size offers a delightful blend of diversity while ensuring that members genuinely acquaint themselves with one another, with ample space to maneuver on parade floats.

YKSHM embraces co-ed membership, presently evenly divided between genders. While most members reside in Tampa or its neighboring suburbs, some extend as far as the Philadelphia.

We proudly maintain a non-discriminatory stance yet require members to be at least 21 years old due to the presence of a bar on the floats.

There are no exclusive restrictions within YKSHM membership—we welcome all with open arms!


When was the Krewe founded?
YKSHM was founded in 2000 by our founding Commodores, making us one of the longer-established Krewes in Tampa Bay.  Next year will be our 25th Anniversary, and we plan on celebrating BIG!!!!


Which parades does YKSHM participate in?
Typically, YKSHM participates in six (6) parades each season - The Veterans Parade, held in Town-N- Country, Santa Fest in downtown Tampa, The Gasparilla Children's Parade, The Gasparilla Parade of Pirates (that's the big daytime parade on Bayshore), The Knights of Sant' Yago Knight Parade (that's the night parade held in Ybor City in mid-February) and the St. Patrick's Day Parade.  The Veterans Parade, Santa Fest and the Gasparilla Children's Parade are the only parades where we allow guests under 21 years of age (no alcohol is permitted on board the float during these parades).


If I’m not sure if Krewe life is for me, can I join a parade as a guest?

Unfortunately, parade organizers (not YKSHM) no longer allow any Krewe’s to host guests for the Gasparilla Day Parade, The Knights of Sant' Yago Knight Parade, and the St. Patrick's Day Parade. If you would like to join our Krewe as a parade guest, The Veterans Parade, Santa Fest, and The Gasparilla Children's Parade still allow guests (subject to change).  Attending Krewe-sponsored events is also a great way to get insight into our Krewe culture. (see our Events page)


What does the float look like?  What amenities are onboard?
YKSHM has three floats: The Satisfaction, The Port Royale, and The Lady Morgan. Depending on the parade size and the number of members participating, we may bring anywhere from a single float to all three to a parade.  


Our floats feature restrooms and a bar.  The Lady Morgan has large storage bins on the bottom that may be rented for the parade season. All floats have hooks for easy access to bead bags and beads during the parade.

Alcoholic (for those parades that allow alcohol) and non-alcoholic beverages are free to members and parade guests during parades.  Food and snacks are available during staging for most parades and all bead drops.


What do the costumes look like?  

One of the best things about YKSHM is that we do not require a specific color, period of pirate, etc. when it comes to
your outfit. However, you must be dressed as an “authentic” pirate.     

  • Women pirates wear corsets (or corset vests) with a skirt or pants; no shorts or booty shorts are allowed.  Skirt length can vary from mini to floor length at the member's discretion.  

  • Men typically wear pirate pants and shirts with a belt or sash. In addition, some men also wear coats or vests
    to enhance their outfits.

  • All members are required to wear an identifying Krewe patch/pin/armband at all times during staging and parades

In addition to clothing and a mandatory Krewe patch/logo, some accessories are essential to a pirate outfit for both men and women. These items include: a hat, a belt, and boots. In addition, many Krewe Members get YETI type cups to drink from at parades. Our Krewe Merchandise Officer typically has variety of Krewe patches and other merchandise for sale during bead drops. All other costume elements can be easily purchased online or in local costume shops.

All members are required to wear Krewe appropriate garb during parades.  


What charities does YKSHM work with?.

Our Krewe supports a variety of charitable organizations throughout the year through donations, fund raisers and volunteer hours. Charities we have supported in the past include Hillsborough County Schools, The Spring of Tampa Bay, MacDonald Training Center, National Cancer Society, and Gasparilla Distance Classic Association.

I'd like to know more.  How do I get more information?
That's easy - just submit our information request form or email our Membership Director.  


What kinds of memberships does YKSHM offer?

YKSHM offers two different types of memberships - a full membership and a limited membership. 

The limited membership allows the member to participate in ONE major parade (Gasparilla Day or The Sant’Yago Knight Parade) and ONE minor parade (Veterans Parade, Santa Fest, Gasparilla Children's Parade or St Patricks's Parade).  The main differences from the full membership are cost, how many/which parades the member can participate in.  Additionally, we only allow a certain number of limited members per parade assigned on a first come, first serve basis.   

All of the information listed below is specific to the full membership.

How do I apply to be a full member?

Step 1: Attend a minimum of one (1) YKSHM -sponsored events.  Socials and volunteer events (see our Events page) are the best choice because they allow time to chat with our members and see what we're all about.  Let us know you're coming  by registering for the event or emailing our Membership Director, especially if you don't already know a member!  We'll make sure to have a board member greet you upon arrival. 

Step 2: Once you've attended an event and decided YKSHM is the right Krewe for you, you'll need to get a current member to sponsor you.  This member must be in good standing and have been a member of the Krewe for a minimum of one (1) year.  It's OK if you don't already know a member.  Most of our regular and board members have been in the Krewe for several years and are good at pinpointing someone who would be a good fit.    Find that someone you seem to click with and give them the opportunity to get comfortable with you - chances are they'll offer to sponsor you before you even have to ask!  

Step 3: Submit a membership request application.


What are the benefits of joining as a full member?

You get an awesome group of people to hang out with!  You can participate in any and/or all six (6) parades and attend various social and volunteer events hosted by YKSHM and various social events hosted by other Krewes.

How much does it cost to join as a member?

23/24 YKSHM Krewe Member Dues

  • Full Member Dues                                         $425

  • Limited Member Dues                                  $250

    In addition to your membership dues, you are also responsible for purchasing your own beads.


What are membership fees used for?
Our membership fees cover YKSHM operating expenses and parade costs.  Operating expenses include but are not limited to general liability insurance, accounting and legal services, float expenses (storage,  maintenance and repairs/upgrades), membership in the InterKrewe Council, miscellaneous expenses like web site and email hosting, and food and beverage costs during parades.


What are the volunteer requirements?  
As a full or limited member of YKSHM, you are required to attend either one parade float cleanup or volunteer as security for a parade you are not participating in. 

  • Float Cleanup takes place the day following each parade. Float Cleanup begins at 11am at Stepps Float Yard (5116 E Shadowlawn Avenue, Tampa). You are assigned to Float Cleanup based on
    the selections you’ve made on your membership waiver and how early your waiver is received.
    Every effort is made to give everyone their first or second choice. However, there are limited spots per parade
    float cleanup.

  • In lieu of float cleanup, Krewe Members can volunteer for parade security for one
    parade. This is an excellent opportunity, especially for Limited Members, to participate in additional parades
    in addition to those they signed up for. If you sign up for Security, it is imperative that you show up for your
    Security assignment, since without Security, the Krewe cannot participate in parades.


How is the Krewe run?
The day-to-day management of YKSHM (all the boring stuff) is handled by its Board of Directors; however, the Board often reaches out for member feedback on anything that would impact Krewe life in a significant way.  Please see our Bylaws for additional information. 

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