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Admiral of the Brethren of the Coast

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The new season begins July 1, 2023.  All past members will be receiving invoices come July 1.  Renewal membership applications will be sent to all past members beginning June 20, 2023.  The 23/24 YKSHM Membership is on a first-come, first-served basis.  We will no longer be saving your membership spot until December 1st.  To secure your spot on our Krewe for the 23/24 YKSHM Season, you must pay your dues and complete your application to be considered a member in good standing.

Types of Membership:

Full Membership:  Full Membership allows you to participate in all parades and events as a YKSHM Krewe member.  Our Krewe participates in the following parades: Veteran’s Day Parade, SantaFest, YMKG Children’s Day Parade, YMKG Gasparilla Day Parade, Knights of Sant’Yago Knight Parade, Rough Rider’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Limited Membership:  Limited Membership allows you to participate in one major parade (YMKG Gasparilla Day Parade or Knights of Sant’Yago Knight Parade) and one minor parade (Veteran’s Parade, Santa Fest, Children’s Parade,  or St. Patrick’s Day Parade) as a YKSHM Krewe Member.   

All Members (Full or Limited) will also have access to all YKSHM Krewe-sponsored events.

YKSHM Membership Requirements:

Mandatory Float Cleanup or Security:  All members must participate in either one float cleanup assignment or volunteer as security personnel for one parade.

New Membership Rates: Due to the increase in costs incurred by the Krewe, including insurance, storage, maintenance, parade fees, etc. our membership rates will be increasing this year.  The increase in membership rates is as follows:

23/24 YKSHM Krewe Member Dues

All members are to be billed by 1 July 2023

(if paid by 31 Aug 23)

Full Member Dues                                         $425

Limited Member Dues                                  $250

(if paid by 30 Sept 23)

Full Member Dues                                        $450

Limited Member Dues                                  $275

(if paid by 31 Oct 23)

Full Member Dues                                        $475

Limited Member Dues                                 $300

(if paid by 30 Nov 23)

Full Member Dues                                        $500

Limited Member Dues                                 $325

New 23/24 Parade Rules:  This year, NO GUESTS WILL BE ALLOWED at the Gasparilla Day, Children’s, Knight, and St. Patrick's Parades on any Krewe.  To participate in these parades, you must be a YKSHM member (Full or Limited).  Only children of members will be allowed to participate in the Children’s Parade.  Please complete your application and pay your invoice as soon as possible since membership spots will be limited this year.


You may also contact our Membership Officer directly at

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